Claire Ashmore

– clients from 7 years old to age 65

… When asked of what else has he noticed, he said “I have heaps of energy! Before I would be tired all the time and didn’t want to do anything. Now I can put my mind to focus on things and I know I can do it.” Kapai S.!!!  

From my observations as a tutor, S. is happier, extremely more confident and his willingness to try something new is inspiring. Previously he would not make eye contact, say yes and just stare at the paper, too scared or confused to try anything. 

The fear of failure is gone and he is ok with getting it wrong and keen to keep trying until he succeeds. He happily asks questions to clarify his understanding – he would not have done this before. In the short time you have worked with him Claire, there has been an amazing transformation and whilst there is still work to be done, especially around numeracy…. the difference you have made to this young man’s life is nothing short of beautiful! Thank you… from the bottom of my heart, for working with one of our students. It is definitely something for me to aspire to!

Rae MacDonald

Workplace Trainer & Marketer

“You need to go to all the schools and find boys like me – and stop the torture!”


“I thought there could be one more thing I could do – and you have done it for me!”


19-year-old student who went on to redo his unit standards, passed well and… to everyone’s surprise including his own, won the ‘Student of the Year’ award at the PTE he was attending.

This student’s results prompted me to take the Davis Facilitator training seriously and I ended up taking a year to prioritse the Davis training full time. (I had been doing it part-time while working previously) Best decision I ever made! Very satisfying work with talented and wonderful clients. It is my full-time delightful job now – working from home or travelling to the client if appropriate.

Note: most of the confusions and disorientations with this student prior to his Davis programme had probably arisen due to him having been forcibly changed from ‘left’ to right-handed at school (age 5). ‘Handedness’ is still developing at 7 and 8 years old or older. Please be aware that it does not matter at all which handedness is dominant – and some of us are ambidextrous.

Each of us is a unique bundle of talents, skills and abilities with potential to grow and develop new neural pathways for new skills. Davis programmes keep, encourage and appreciate the skills our clients bring with them; clients are only adding new neural pathways helping them achieve their goals.

The Davis programme  provides a proven method for permanent learning

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