Claire Ashmore

– clients from 7 years old to age 65

Davis Attention Mastery Programme

“… self-doubt is no longer a barrier and the frustration has gone.”

Jay* kindly gave permission to put photos on my website. I remember his delight when he read accurately with good comprehenion after learning and using the Davis reading strategies. He also had goals around listening to instructions.

After the progamme in 2016, I asked Jay* how he felt on a scale of 1-10  (1 the lowest – 10 the highest) 

BEFORE – he said he was at a 5 – or 3 for listening and focusing – and that he had self-doubt that he could do it.

AFTER – he said it was at a 7 and… “it is good – totally good – every single thing – now it has all changed!”

As a facilitator, I noticed both during and after the programme, Jay became confident trying new things and was facing his essay writing and academic assignments. He is now working full time and enjoying his work and life. He has skills and strengths in dance and performing arts.

Jay* name changed for privacy

Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme

“This programme has helped me a lot, and when I am an inventor or a scientist, I’ll be able to write and focus on what I need by using the Davis Tools.

Testimonial written by Jared’s Nan
Jared* – 11 yrs

Jared* has always struggled with reading.  He was read to a lot, and read with a lot.  Homework reading was always done but when he stumbled on words, I would encourage him to sound it out, which is how I (even in old age) find out what words are.  However, nothing seemed to work.  Over his school years he had a lot of help, but somehow, he did not progress. 

He has always been a super-bright, super-interested and super-aware child loving to learn and fascinated with science.  He wanted to do it, but it just didn’t happen.  There were many behavioural problems throughout his schooling also.

Since the programme, he is quietly confident.  He worked hard learning and claying all his trigger words, constantly calculating when he would be finished and when he would have learned them all.  That became an enjoyable game.  His reading improved, and he could finally do it.  When the sentences made sense, he wanted to read on. 

Not long before he had completed all the trigger words, he was unexpectedly asked to read in front of a class and I happened to be present – there were difficult words and my heart was in my mouth wondering what would happen and how he would manage it.  He took a deep breath, checked he was on point, and set off – no one in that room could have guessed there had ever been a reading problem, he did it superbly – his satisfied smile as he sat down said everything about his achievement.

Throughout the time he worked on his trigger words, we saw many examples of the triggering process, and it was great to see how once the trigger word was mastered, he immediately knew it, stopped unconsciously skipping over it in his reading exercises and how this lead to accurate comprehension.

This has been a wondrous process, seeing him master the skills to enable him to read.  Yes, it was hard work; yes, it took commitment; yes, it took consistency and self-discipline; and yes, he did it. 

It was exciting for me, and a privilege to be part of the process.  I learned such a lot and will always treasure it as one of my special highlights.

Jared’s Nan supported him with his claying of the 217 trigger words. Thank you Nan! …and thank you for the permission to put up these photos. Jared thought it might take a long time, but clay tables and areas were set up at home, they made it a game, and the creativity of it keeps a dyslexic learner happy and focussed.

Doing this makes all the difference as models of trigger words – such as: was, is, does, put, of, a, the etc. are clayed so the meaning of each word becomes clear for the dyslexic person. These words no longer trip them up when they read or write.

In the second photograph, Jared is teaching his mum how to do the Koosh Ball exercise which helps check he is using the Davis Tools accurately. Beautiful job! 

Jared* is not his real name for privacy reasons …and thank you ‘Mum’ and ‘Nan’ for giving permission to put these up on my website.

The Davis Young Learners Programme for 7-8 yr-olds is similar but has more coaching for parents and is 30 hours over 2 weeks with a facilitator. Parents learn how to support their child post-programme at school. On request, I can go to the school to explain the Davis approach and methods. A Davis Young Learners Programme  is Formative rather than Corrective.

It may be that a strongly dyslexic child would still benefit from a Davis Dyslexia Correction programme later on. 

Both programmes have 3 x check-ins and 5-6 months of facilitator support by phone, text etc. 

There are also celebrations of milestones such as when half-way through the trigger word list AND when all trigger words are done! Yaay!! Up to 80% of text can be trigger words… once learned in this 3D way, reading – and writing – become so much easier. 

Davis Attention Mastery Programme

My 10-year-old daughter has recently been struggling with maths. After investigating maths tutors in our area, I decided to approach Claire Ashmore as I was aware of her teaching background and studies to be a Davis Dyslexia facilitator. After her initial assessment, it was clear that she would benefit most from an Attention Mastery programme.

While working with Claire, she was able to achieve her goals and make positive changes in areas which needed correction. Since completing the programme, my daughter has come away with invaluable strategies which I have witnessed her employ many times, during a variety of situations. She can now remain focused when needed allowing her to accomplish things which she would normally find extremely difficult.

Armed with her strategies and aware of her gifts, she has gained confidence, is more conscientious and patient. I would not hesitate in recommending the Davis Dyslexia Attention Mastery programme, as well as Claire Ashmore, to anybody who wishes to improve their ability to focus and be open to learning more effectively
                                                                         Waikato Mum

Working alongside their natural talents and skills, clients identify and eliminate triggers or confusions in order to acheive their own goals.
Many thanks for permission to use these photos on my website.

Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme – with Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia Programmes added

Hi Claire

Just a note to say how much of an improvement we have seen in S. since you have been working with him. Before you started, his ability to write a complete sentence was very poor and his spelling was extremely bad. He could spell phonetically but it took some interpretation with some of it. He could not write some letters properly and frequently used capital letters within a word and scribbled repeatedly over some letters to correct them, making them harder to understand.

He now has good control over his handwriting and [it] is easy to read now, and his spelling is also improving beyond what I could have expected. The help you have given him has been incredible and has changed him so much. He is more confident and enthusiastic.

Good luck with your future endeavours, I sincerely hope you have the ability to work your magic on more needy students like S.   (19 years old)

Steve Bluett

Carpentry Tutor

… When asked of what else has he noticed, he said “I have heaps of energy! Before I would be tired all the time and didn’t want to do anything. Now I can put my mind to focus on things and I know I can do it.” Kapai S.!!!  

From my observations as a tutor, S. is happier, extremely more confident and his willingness to try something new is inspiring. Previously he would not make eye contact, say yes and just stare at the paper, too scared or confused to try anything. 

The fear of failure is gone and he is ok with getting it wrong and keen to keep trying until he succeeds. He happily asks questions to clarify his understanding – he would not have done this before. In the short time you have worked with him Claire, there has been an amazing transformation and whilst there is still work to be done, especially around numeracy…. the difference you have made to this young man’s life is nothing short of beautiful! Thank you… from the bottom of my heart, for working with one of our students. It is definitely something for me to aspire to!

Rae MacDonald

Workplace Trainer & Marketer

Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme

I heard about Claire Ashmore and the Davis Dyslexia Programme from one of her previous clients, and I was interested to see how a Davis Programme could also help me. Since doing the Davis Reading Programme my concentration, reading and comprehension have become much better. For the first time in my life I have read a whole book from start to finish, word for word. Not only was I able to remember what I’d read, but I could also understand it. My written communication has also improved, which is an important skill to have in my line of work.

A few years ago, I suffered a series of minor strokes which had affected my balance. But since using techniques I learnt during the Davis Reading Programme my stability is better. Together these improvements have helped my confidence greatly.

I am very happy with my results from doing the Davis Reading Programme with Claire, and I would not hesitate in recommending Claire as a Davis Dyslexia Programme Facilitator to others

Peter T

65 years

“You need to go to all the schools and find boys like me – and stop the torture!”


“I thought there could be one more thing I could do – and you have done it for me!”


19-year-old student who went on to redo his unit standards, passed well and… to everyone’s surprise including his own, won the ‘Student of the Year’ award at the PTE he was attending.

This student’s results prompted me to take the Davis Facilitator training seriously and I ended up taking a year to prioritse the Davis training full time. (I had been doing it part-time while working previously) Best decision I ever made! Very satisfying work with talented and wonderful clients. It is my full-time delightful job now – working from home or travelling to the client if appropriate.

Note: most of the confusions and disorientations with this student prior to his Davis programme had probably arisen due to him having been forcibly changed from ‘left’ to right-handed at school (age 5). ‘Handedness’ is still developing at 7 and 8 years old or older. Please be aware that it does not matter at all which handedness is dominant – and some of us are ambidextrous.

Each of us is a unique bundle of talents, skills and abilities with potential to grow and develop new neural pathways for new skills. Davis programmes keep, encourage and appreciate the skills our clients bring with them; clients are only adding new neural pathways helping them achieve their goals.

The Davis programme  provides a proven method for permanent learning

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